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Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

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X-AG Bill Barr… Et tu, Brute? How scary can it get when this is the best, we have to lead our Department of Justice? History will show Bill Barr lacked character and personal integrity. Just another snake in the swamp.
Harold Ford Jr., contributor(?) to ‘The Five’ on FOX, is a non-committal, milk toast, two-wrongs-make-a-right, spineless, go-along-to-get-along, middle of the road, waste of time.  No matter how grievous the subject being discussed, he rationalizes by pointing out opposition also committed a similar act, ending in a draw, never advancing the discussion, resulting in zero value.
FOXs' Brit Hume watches too much CNN and spent too many years at ABC.  Like Chris Wallace, he’s kept his bad habits; left leaning, short on background, perspective and objectivity.  Despite the facts Pelosi has overall responsibility for the security and safety of congress, Pelosi refused National Guard troops offered by President Trump to secure the Capital, not one person has been charged with insurrection, not one demonstrator was found with a gun, not one guard was killed, some evidence points to agent’s provocateur, Governors and Attorney Generals refused to investigate voter fraud, in light of “2,000 mules” documentary, etc. etc. etc.  On America’s Newsroom 6/13/22, Brit Hume blamed Trump for the Jan 6th demonstration.
Your Rights:  ALL your rights are Natural/ God Given and Unalienable.  You were born with ALL your rights.  The Constitution is not Natural or God.  Therefore, the Constitution has NO rights to give you; PERIOD!  Your right for self-defense is natural and Unalienable.  Our founders declared: “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Special Note: ALL your natural rights preexist.  Otherwise, ‘infringement’ could not have been considered. The constitution does NOT state: 'therefore, you are GIVEN the right to keep and bear Arms'.
Davos Dummies: If you didn’t create the world, what makes you think you can save the world?... what ignorance, what hubris, what arrogance, what conceit, what elitism, what snobs, what bitches, what stupidity, what bull shit, what bastards!  The world was here millions of years before you were and will be here millions of years after you are gone!  Carbon is not poison! In fact, all life on earth requires carbon.  Plants require CO2 to provide oxygen for animals.  The perpetrators decree all problems on earth are caused by humans.  Therefore, the 'final solution' is to exterminate all humans. After killing all humans to save the world; save the world for who? Life could not exist on earth without our greenhouse… check life on Mercury, Venus and Mars, they don't have greenhouses. The bastard bull shitters drink their own bath water... now they want us to drink their cool-aid.
Most people who believe Donald Trump is disliked have been subjected 24 hours a day for five plus years by leftist media’s false premises, lies and hatred.  Even some good conservatives and Republicans have, in a sense, been brain washed to criticize Donald Trump. The real shame is Donald Trump is proven to be one of the best presidents in all of America’s history.
History will prove the 2020 election was stolen by massive voter fraud.  Americans will suffer for decades, resulting from the leftist coup, illicit shadow (Obama) admin, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden crime families.
ABORTION: A baby incubating in its mother’s womb is not a body part.  Women's health: Pregnancy is not a disease that requires treatment.  Viability: A human life is not viable outside the womb at one, two or three years without substantial support!  One remedy for abortion is to neuter all who support killing babies.  Women's CHOICE:  Gangs can choose to murder each other and mothers can choose to murder their child; both murders are illegal. Contraceptives prevent abortions!
It would be very helpful to identify and list the many RINOS/ Republicrats and Trojans; beginning with Kevin McCarthy, Liz Chaney, Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, JD Vance, Mitch McConnell, Dan Crenshaw, Lindsey Graham etc.
FOX News must continue purging their Marxist sympathizers.  They most recently got rid of leftist, Chris Wallace.  Next, Neil Cavuto should be kicked in the ass on his way to CNN. Bret Baier is also questionable.
Awaken v. woke-ism.  As American citizens awaken to Marxists teacher colleges, Marxists teacher unions and leftist school boards, woke-ism will slowly be crushed by newly enlightened voters.
Parents must file class-action lawsuits against teacher unions, school boards and all other establishments who violate their legal "civil rights" to raise their own children.  Parents NEVER gave away rights to their children!
Thank God for the golden rule “he who has the gold rules”.  Note there is ‘bad gold’ rep. by George Soros and ‘good gold’ rep. by Elon Musk. 
Although it’s the federal government’s right to control immigration, it’s their responsibility to enforce our laws!  However, each state has the unconditional power to control their own sovereign borders.
Crucial FACT:  No matter how great the effort Marxists and leftist democrats exerted too over through America; it would have been impossible if republican politicians did their job responsibly.
DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has declared the greatest threat to America is: “white supremacy”!  He must mean the white supremacists [Marxists] inside Washington, DC, the democratic party and the shadow government.  Finally, someone tells the truth and spills the beans.  
How to reclaim our Constitutional Republic.  For over 100 years veiled Marxists have covertly undermined our American system of government [death by thousands of cuts].  Therefore, our recovery will take thousands of bandages, many surgeries, prosecutions of domestic enemies for crimes against the state.  Current traitors inside the Pentagon, Intelligence, FBI, NSA, DOJ, IRS, CDC, FCC, Congress and the media must be exposed, arrested and prosecuted.  Primarily, fellow citizens must do their part creating many various nationwide coalitions.  Each focusing on remedying one specific variety of Marxist cancer.  i.e., leftist indoctrination inside government schools, student vouchers, school choice, males in female sports, parental rights, planned parenthood, abortion, Obama-care, realignment, new world order, George Soros, (D)Mobocracy v. Republic, teacher unions, NPR, PBS, climate change ‘narrative’ hoax, woke-ness, covid-19 abuse of arbitrary dictates lacking specific justification, Jan. 6th insurrection hoax, open borders, illegal alien invasion, gun control, de-funding police, systemic voter fraud without I.D. etc.  In the end, Americas’ victory will demand the same resolve by everyday citizens as a victory for Ukrainian requires.
“Institutional Ignorance” is the one critical element essential for Marxism to fester inside governments.  Ignorance is the fertilizer that Marxism flowers and thrives on.
Democrats’ domestic policies lead to street crime, riots, property damage, gang control and murder.  Democrats’ foreign policies lead to invasions, wars and war crimes, ‘pay-to-play’ payola fraud and genocide.
How much better would the world be if Russia, Canada, Australia, China and North Korea had moral leaders?  America is not blameless either.
Lies, propaganda, deceptive leftist narratives and incited fear provoke the world’s conflicts, especially inside America.
“Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”  Martin Luther King Jr.   Sadly, freedom is short lived when Marxist’s control government.  Democrats would love nothing better for another alleged “crisis” so they could shutdown America.
Just a quick note and question.  First, mask (face diaper) wearers followed government advice.  Now that government advises masks are not necessary or required, why don’t they remove their masks?  I suggest two primary reasons.  First, they have realized government lies and they are confused. Next, they seriously lack reason, logic, understanding, are ignorant or simply stupid!
Steve Hilton’s British background is not based in constitutional republicanism, which must explain his fixation on 'populism', a version of mobocracy "control by the common masses" … NOT government controlled by a constitution.  Bottom line: populism is out of alignment with our Constitutional Republic and therefor UN-American.
FOX’s Jessy Waters is a disrespectful/ impolite/ rude/ smart ass/ arrogant punk/ snotty bastard when he refers to Victor Davis Hanson as ‘VDH’… PERIOD. What hubris... Who in the hell does he think he is anyway?  JW let “this is my world” shit, go to his head.  It will be a cold day in hell if JW accomplishes 15% of Victor Davis Hanson’s legacy.
RE-POST---Special Counsel, John Durham, may become the most noble American Patriot in all of history or the most specious DC swamp creature in all of history.  John Durham has total (100%) control over his legacy.  I trust he does the right thing.
The magic silver bullet answer to remedy government education [controlled by Marxists unions] is 100% student vouchers; the only true cure!   Until that time, parents must group together and found true public education districts in counter to government indoctrination.
The RNC must be replaced.  RINOs have been the total down fall of the republican party and single-handedly permitted leftists to become politically dominate.
All 50 State legislatures must pass laws that control their governors ‘emergency authority’ so it’s not wide open, arbitrary, never ending and without objective evaluation.
Important new CDC warning. “Prevent oxygen poisoning”, keep mask on outside: Especially critical while jogging, riding a bicycle/ motorcycle/ snowmobile, driving a boat/ a convertible, mowing lawn, playing golf/ soccer/ basketball/ pickle-ball or bird watching!
Pay very close attention when democrats argue for ‘voting rights’ to save the (mob rule) democracy.  America is a Constitutional Republic, NOT a mobocracy.  Democrats also reject proof of citizenship and proof of identity.  No legal American is denied the right to vote.  If voter ID oppresses black people, how does voter ID oppress black people?  Do you know any black person who is unable to get an ID?  It's raciest to claim black people are incompetent and unable to acquire an ID! Out of 320 million citizens, democrats can’t show even one legal citizen being denied.
Beware of “Trojan Horse’s-asses” like Dan Crenshaw masquerading as conservative while touting Adam Kinzinger as conservative. Remember Liz Chaney and many other RINOs.
The winning platform for President 2024. Fire Christopher Wray, Fire Tony Fauchi, Fire Merrick Garland, close southern border, open pipelines, void Biden’s executive orders, codify: parent’s rights-- school vouchers-- and voter photo I.D. Investigate Jan. 6, 2021, teacher unions, George Soros, Nicole Armbruster, James Comey, John Brennan, James Clapper, Hillary Clinton and all General grade Military Officers.
Who are profiting on the side from 100s of millions of taxpayer dollars being spent on covid shots, masks, gloves, plexiglass, hand sanitizer and test kits ? Can this be how politicians become millionaires?
A protracted struggle is needed to recover America’s Republic.  Leftists/ Marxists have sabotaged America’s culture, laws and institutions for decades; In small incremental and subtle ways… death by thousands of cuts.  They construct false narratives, redefine words, refine propaganda, never let a crisis go to waste and they lie freely.  They have elevated ‘voter fraud’ to a high art with help from George Soros and others. They’ve infiltrated most colleges; teaching Marxism to immature and naïve students. Graduates seek employment in teaching, media, government, FBI, CIA, NSA, NPR, PBS, the Pentagon etc.  Primarily, they characterize any issue in racist or sexist terms seeking to divide and conquer.  In conclusion: to totally recover our Republic and restore America’s culture requires an equivalent effort to heal the decades of thousands of cuts.
The United States Constitution has become the greatest casualty of the covid-19 virus!  Can it survive the assault?  Using the pandemic for cover, leftist Mayors, Governors and politicians have defied our constitution relentlessly.
“Critical Thinking” and “Intellectual Honesty” Honest patriots know guns don’t kill; people kill. Why then claim drugs kill?  Don’t people kill themselves by overdosing?  Drugs are no more killers than hammers, knives, ball bats, guns, stones or fists.  Most killing involves people first.  However, I agree specific drugs must be illegal.
ALL leftists who believe our world’s greenhouse is a fatal existential threat should be launched to Mercury, Venus, Mars etc. where no greenhouse threat exists.  Carbon is not poison!  In fact, carbon is a filter medium to remove poisons.  Carbon fiber is foundational in high strength composite structures and many other cutting-edge uses.  Every plant and animal on earth requires carbon to exist and live.
Pregnancy is NOT a disease, a sickness, a health crisis!  “abortion”; Terminating a helpless, innocent human life by any other name is still a killing/ murder.  Pro-abortion is Pro-death… Anti-abortion is Pro-Life.  A tiny human life in the care of its mother is a totally separate life, the same as its grandmother is a separate life.
Whenever a covid-19 variant is found anywhere in the world, the leftists secretly explode in frenzied orgasm.  They escalate plans to imprison you in your home and mandate dependence on their Marxist government.
A most powerful message David could send to Goliath would be the successful liable/ slander lawsuit against citizen Joe Biden by Kyle Rittenhouse.  Karma and divine intervention may be playing an unseen roll in Kyle's life.  Leftists/ Marxists and bottom feeders like Hillary Clinton’s Crime Family, James Comey, Adam Schiff, John Brennan, James Clapper, Hunter Biden’s [one man] Crime syndicate et al. are not untouchable.  In the end, true history will detail their crimes for all the world to comprehend.
The GREATEST heavy lift in Americas’ history.  Pro-American citizens must slam the speed-breaks on criminal Marxist bureaucrats and politicians.  It’s utterly intolerable that only a handful of Marxist bureaucrats and governors can shut down the entire United States for extended periods, resulting in massive human and property losses, without penalty.  The real crimes are their dictates were arbitrary, inconsistent, erratic and not backed with factual data i.e., “can’t plant your garden” [spring 2020, MI.] “can only have two people in your boat” [spring 2020, IL.] and 100s more reckless examples.  Where Is legal authority, what are their limits and how are they held responsible for exploitation and damages?  Next, Mama and Papa Bears must come together, filing countless massive class-action law-suits against Marxist school boards and Marxist teacher unions.
Covid-19 virus forever?  For 100s of years no scientist has developed an effective vaccine for the common cold virus.  Leftists/ Marxists will keep claiming a covid-19 crisis to create fear and control the sheeple.
The ‘Republican Party’ is NOT the real winner in the West Virginia election of November 2nd, 2021 and doesn’t deserve credit!  Republicrat politicians are swamp creatures, same as demo-craps.  If republicans were effective advocates, the issue wouldn’t existed in the first place.  The actual winners are American citizens (We the People) from all different political parties, all different races, all different colors, all different backgrounds and all different faiths!
Special Counsel, John Durham, may become the most noble American Patriot in all of history or the most specious DC swamp creature in all of history. John Durham has total (100%) control over his legacy. I trust he does the right thing.
America, our “Constitutional Republic”, can only be rescued by “We the People”; Not by politicians, by bureaucrats or swamp creatures; they have all fostered our decay.
Why, when conservatives win an election, do FOX analysts explain what the left did wrong and how they can win next time?
One battle doesn’t win the war. Everything Americans gained after 8 years of Ronald Reagan and 4 years of Donald Trump has been flushed down the sewer within 9 months of Joe Biden.
Two simple acts that would remedy tyrannical education, restore parent control, defeat leftist unions and Marxism.  1st, all K-12 students would be provided a Free-To-Choose (school choice) voucher.  2nd, all K-12 classrooms would have live video archived and accessible on the internet. Marxist education tyranny begins in universities and bleeds all the way down to kindergarten. Our remedy is to first secure K-12 (David), as they rise, they will kill Goliath!
The real, deep and profound dichotomy in America is the elitists v. the middle class.  No matter if they are Republican, Democrat, progressive, socialists, leftists, woke or outright Marxists; they think they know best to rule America. They despise the vast majority as deplorable.
When you find me judgmental of republicrats, weak or left leaning pundits on FOX, my purpose is constructive. Separating buckwheat from bullshit maximizes assets of the patriotic credence. Identifying Trojans, RINOs, fakes, snakes and swamp rats is critical.  Marxism can never be routed with wishy-washy, half baked, ho-hum politicians or talking-heads. Speaking-truth-to power; personalities are not UN-touchable because they work at FOX. Extremism in defense of our Republic is no vice.
Who profits by perpetuating this worn-out pandemic?  Who profits by leaving our southern border open?  Who profits from busing and flying illegal aliens around the US?  Who profits by providing food, housing, clothing, facilities and medical care for illegal aliens?  Answer: special interests who donate to democrats.  'Follow The Money' Who pays for all these costs in the end? Think about it!
Dana Perino’s political understandings were apparently fostered within the D.C. swamp.  Is Dana still vain of her association with Dubya (W)?  In my opinion it’s no surprise he’s exposed himself a disturbed Trump hater and a true asshole.  It turns out Dubya (W) is just one more RINO swamp RAT.  I ask Dana if she’s still awestruck and obliging as when she was young and naïve?  Also; what she thinks of Dubya now?
If conservatives think Chris Wallace is their friend, they’ll never need an enemy. Chris is a died in the wool leftist, member in good standing of the mainstream media, touching on Marxist. FOX followers must demand Chris Wallace vamoose!  I for one, call for his ejection. Neal Cavuto is another Trump hater that should be fired from Fox. Neal has a deranged obsession, always probing every guest of the Trump admin. for dirt on Donald.
Senator Lindsey Graham has never seen a war he didn’t celebrate. He views every conflict anywhere in the world as an existential threat to America. His only solution is to militarily arm the side he favors.  Who do you think has funded Lindsey’s political career over 26 years? Answer: the "military industrial complex" !
F0x’s Bret Baier is only about 75% the leftist of Chris Wallace. Bret continually has establishment elitists, fear-mongering swamp guests who just parrot the Biden administration talking points. The same B.S. that has slow walked American to Marxism over the past 70+ years by old school “institutional journalists”.
Special Notice: Senator Lindsey Graham, the most frequent guest on Hannity, continually begs conservatives for campaign donations. Lindsey talks a big game of bull shit, then votes with the democrats. He turns out to be the biggest RINO RAT in the swamp; A real snake in the grass!
Q. Guess who profits 10.s of millions [dollars] by letting the Taliban keep $billions of America’s war materials left in Afghanistan? A. Follow the money, the military industrial complex, replacing the inventory at the expense of American taxpayers.
There is only one reason America’s military spent 20+ years in Afghanistan: tens of millions of profits for the “military industrial complex” including many millions for swamp politicians and bureaucrats. Follow the money.
Congress is considering the passage of two new statutes. First is the “Fauchi Law”; This law debits the salary of government employees who are not present at work 40 hours a week and deducts the amount of guest appearance fees paid to any agent employed by American taxpayers. Second is the “Sovereign Reciprocity” law; Beginning with Mexico, all American voters would receive ballots to vote for Mexican officials and ballots to vote in elections of all other countries where illegal aliens have been found to vote in American elections.
Parents across America must amass a “National Defense/Offense Fund”, staffed with hundreds of sympathetic attorneys! Union and ACLU lawyers will file frivolous, harassment lawsuits against parents and school boards who take back local control. Unions are violating State Constitutions and federal RICO statutes by blackmailing and dictating lesson plan content. Local authorities must file counter-suites for damages.
Who in hell are the “teacher unions” anyway? Local school boards should just fire all the teachers, like Ronald Reagan fired air traffic controllers. Then immediately hire back only the good teachers without unions.
The vast majority of American citizens are not Marxists. Marxists are a tiny minority, yet the small tail is wagging the big dog. Why and how has this happened?
Now, ‘the two Americas’ are being openly defined in public. I’ve often said “except for ignorance, we would only need one political party”. You have those who believe in the sovereign freedom of individuals and those ignorant bastards who still wear face diapers. If you have even half a brain you quickly become aware when Marxists are attempting to take complete control over the population.
Special WARNING!  Conservatives must be extremely guarded not to overreact when leftists browbeat, bully and torment. i.e., keep wearing Fauchi face diapers, close down your business, turn in your guns etc. Leftists planned in advance and staged the January 6th Capital protest to implant the belief America’s greatest threat is angry white male, privileged supremacist, guilty insurgent terrorists. This set a basis leading toward ‘Marshal Law’. In fact, leftists may stage an overreaction themselves to blame on conservatives.
Speaking truth to power. With all due respect. Sean Hannity has passed his ‘sell-by-date’, hit the ceiling, stuck in a rut chasing trite or bright objects, constantly repeating the blinding obvious, redundant, beats the same old horses day after day and asking foolish questions i.e., ‘When are left media going to apologize?’ Although Sean gets credit being conservative, a nice and generous person, his programs are too narcissistic and have too many guests for relevant interviews. Sean learned nothing from “The Great One” or Tucker Carlson’s larger audience. Tucker and Mark Lavin seldom interrupt their guests or constantly self-aggrandize, self-attribution or accredit many personal details about themselves.
The Republican National Committee should be eliminated. The RNC has wasted 10,000,000’s of dollars supporting Rinos, losers, Trump haters, Never Trumpers, Trojans and swamp rats, with frivolous good to show.
The “Useful Idiot” law is being passed in congress. The new law requires authorities arrest anyone who is still wearing a Fauchi face diaper, to check their age and IQ. If their age is under 65 and IQ is over 20, they will be fined $2,000, if their IQ is over 100, they will be fined and sent to prison for two months, if their children are also wearing masks, they will be fined and sent to prison for two years. But for few exceptions, you get my point.
Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, has explicitly threatened to sue local school districts re. Critical Race Theory, attempting to intimidate local school boards. AFT has no standing, authority, right, or jurisdiction relating to local school teaching curriculums. First, her threat violates Federal RICO statutes. Next State Attorney Generals and local State's Attorneys must file counter suites (injunctions) to prevent fraud and prevent injuries to parents and students. Finally, video and audio recording must be placed in every government school classroom to document Marxist teachings!
A law is being passed in congress that requires ‘open border’ leftists to remove all locks from their house and car, cut a 6’ wide X 8’ high hole (open doorway) in the side of their house or move to Venezuela for the rest of their life.
The majority of politicians from both parties are culpable for either tolerating or promoting a Marxist tyranny in America. Nearly all politicians and bureaucrats in DC are swamp (sewer) rats. Virtually all become wealthy, profiting from special interest bribes. At the same time, they are convicting their grandchildren to a miserable life. If you believe you can combat Marxism with your vote alone, you are extremely gullible or misinformed. All patriots must stand up and push back in their own way, think nationally, act locally.
Compromise is an amoral process regarding government! Our structural foundation and Constitution are not up for comprise. When is enough, enough? For over 200 years State and Federal legislatures have created hundreds of thousands of laws. We have too many now. Compromise only leads to a lowest common denominator mediocre form of government.
If America is the cruel, unfair, oppressive hell hole Marxists proclaim, why are we the only country on earth where millions of illegal aliens want to gain entry by storming our borders? That does NOT compute! All empirical evidence proves American Marxism is pure bull shit.
Who benefits from goading racism? Leftist race hustlers will never allow ‘racism’ to amend in America. They constantly are tearing off any band aids, picking scabs and salting wounds. Aside from fomenting fear, bogus white guilt and a potent control mechanism, there is big money in racism, a cash cow for BLM and others. Personally, I know of no slaves or slave owners.
In the end, it’s all about you and me! I have started with the man in the mirror. “We the people” are the ONLY possible chance to slay the Marxist dragon that’s striving to over through our Republic.
Why does Dick Morris at Newsmax-TV, who claims he converted from democrat to republican, always refer to America as a democracy? Is he ignorant or just stupid?
History records, when Benjamin Franklin walked out the doors of Independence Hall at the end of the 1787 Constitutional Convention, A woman asked him, "Well, Doctor, what have we got, a Republic or a Monarchy?" Benjamin replied, "A Republic my dear. If you can keep it." This quote tells us how important it is to educate ourselves, and our children. We all must understand the power the Constitution gives us, the people. By understanding our rights and the governments limits, we will have the knowledge to fight against political heresy. Sadly, way too many Americans have never read it, and so they only know what others have told them it means. This is why so many are willing to give away their constitutional rights to the government. Thus, the government now has more power than it was intended to have.
Evaluation: NPR doesn’t have even one conservative on air. When a conservative is guest, a leftist follows-up to twist, spin and lie in rebuttal. Most often NPR has only a leftist comment on the issue. They always play the global warming fraud in many subtle ways. They continually beat the drum of lies and fake news re. systemic racism, white supremacy, Critical Race Theory, white privilege, climate change, defund the police etc. They defer to BLM, Antifa, they condemn America, capitalism and destroy history. Only leftists should support NPR with personal donations, NOT one taxpayer penny!
Ignorance and fear are life blood of the democratic party! "Never let a crises go to waste." Pseudo intellectual elitist snobs (snots) are their biggest Cool-Aid drinkers.
“Fear is a tyrant and a despot, more terrible than the rack, more potent than the snake.” Edgar Wallace, English writer, 1875-1932
I have a project for another patriot: start your own podcast or blog to expose leftist/Marxist National Public Radio! Monitor NPR to document and expose fake news, lies, what they leave out, how they parrot leftist talking points, hate Trump, misinform, spew false premises and play word games. The real problem is patriot taxpayers, UN-wittingly provide support to leftist NPR. Congress must withdraw all taxpayer money from Marxist organizations.
Why do all Dems refer to America as a democracy? Democracies are controlled by simply majorities, leading to cruel despotic mob rule without any constitutional control. A Constitutional Republic controls government to prevent dictatorial tyranny.
Regardless of when Repub’s take the house, they must replace Kevin McCarthy now; the sweet-talking swamp rat who learned all the tricks to Bull Shit us.
“Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it” Pericles, Greek Statesman (495 BC-429 BC)
What’s the point, what’s the purpose when 98% of media, 100% of big tech. and 100% of leftists hate conservative patriots. Why does FOX, one of small lights at the end of the tunnel, have even one Marxist on staff past or present. Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Neil Cavuto, Robert Wolf, Jessica Tarlov, Chris Hahn, Richard Fowler, Jonah Goldberg, Jason Nichols, Ralph Peters, Marie Harf, Julie Roginsky, Ethan Bearman, Leslie Marsh, Mara Liasson, Cathy Areu, Jehmu Greene, Stephen Hayes, Judith Miller, Mary Anne Marsh, Chris Stirewalt, Ed Henry, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, John Bolton and Leland Vitter should work for CNN, NBC, NPR,ABC, CBS, PBS or MSNBC (some do now). FOX and Friends Weekend finally parted ways with Jedidiah Bila (a low IQ Trump hater and socialist). Why does FOX, even employ one 'never Trumper' or 'Trump hater'?
Over 200 years and yet America is unable to secure our most important obligation of citizens to prevent voter and ballot fraud. What’s up with that!  Way too many dead people vote, too many ballots found in car trunks all checked for democrats and too many voters aren't identified legal. All fraud must be prevented before an election, because it is impossible after the election. It’s impossible to prosecute a mark or punch.
Americas’ great success has become our Achilles heel.  When you allow too much of the good life in your way, you get soft allowing Marxists get into your life!  You must stay vigilant of enemies from within who want to over through our Constitution.  Don’t be the frog in pot of cold water on fire.
When Maxine Waters and many others promote assaulting Republicans and conservatives; Why aren’t they charged and prosecuted for incitement, sedition or treason?  Why isn’t George Soros investigated for promoting and financing ANTIFA along with other violent ‘RENT-A-MOB’ terrorist groups that are creating upheaval and trying to perpetrate a coup d'état?
“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government’s purposes are beneficial. Men born to freedom are naturally alert to repel invasion of their liberty by evil-minded rulers. The greater dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.” Supreme Court Justice, Louis Brandeis, Olmstead v. United States (1928)
“The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.” Plato, famous Greek philosopher, 427BC-347BC. Who are the real rulers?  Sovereigns: “individual persons having supreme power, thereby subjecting government to complete control by The People!" Individuals are the ultimate authority on earth; the elemental natural law of mankind endows freedom of the individual.
The peaceful way to prevent a Marxist takeover of America’s Republic. Taxpayers have standing to stipulate their paid employees and politicians pledge to defend the Constitutions. Then criminal penalties must be enforced for violation of the Constitution.

Soverign Patriot  objective is to constantly help inform and educate fellow Americans with new PC… ‘ Prospective / Context’ and facts!

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