Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

What’s the point, what’s the purpose when 98% of media, 100% of big tech. and 100% of leftists hate conservative patriots. Why does FOX, one of small lights at the end of the tunnel, have even one Marxist on staff past or present. Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Neil Cavuto, Robert Wolf, Jessica Tarlov, Chris Hahn, Richard Fowler, Jonah Goldberg, Jason Nichols, Ralph Peters, Marie Harf, Julie Roginsky, Ethan Bearman, Leslie Marsh, Mara Liasson, Cathy Areu, Jehmu Greene, Stephen Hayes, Judith Miller, Mary Anne Marsh, Chris Stirewalt, Ed Henry, Megyn Kelly, Shepard Smith, John Bolton and Leland Vitter should work for CNN, NBC, NPR,ABC, CBS, PBS or MSNBC (some do now). FOX and Friends Weekend finally parted ways with Jedidiah Bila (a low IQ Trump hater and socialist). Why does FOX, even employ one ‘never Trumper’ or ‘Trump hater’?

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