Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

Hannity is a broken record, a talking head! Though Sean is a nice person and very generous, he could be much more effective in the struggle to save our Republic. Hundreds of times I’ve heard: I hung drywall, I hung wallpaper, I washed dishes, I know martial arts, I told them, I predicted that, my five points, my plan, my analysis, my agenda, my proposal, I rode a horse/ an ATV/ in a helicopter and boat on the border, was a busboy, was a paperboy, was a bartender, painted houses, a marksman, a brown belt, claimed journalism is dead, walked smuggler’s tunnels, visited drug warehouse, have concealed carry permit, on radio 30 years, on FOX 25 years. Point being his guests have but minutes while Sean interrupts habitually with his repetitive blather of self-attribution.

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