Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

Dr. Fauci is extremely intoxicated with ego poisoning. He is too far out over his skis and outside his scope in making policy decrees. He doesn’t offer or present scientific proof; only wishy-washy conjectures. If it’s up to Fauci, he would shut down the world for two more years. He appears more than willing to prostitute himself for 30 seconds of TV, especially on left media. He has no shame. Either he’s on UN-paid leave or he should get his ass back to work! Too much time out of the office. He’s a paid servant of taxpayers, our employee. On second thought; I’m confident speaking for millions who had enough Fauci for two lifetimes. He should retire and play in the street or with the Great grand kids.

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