Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.


On FOX FIVE:  Harold Ford Jr. is helpful as tits on a boar hog. No matter how egregious a democrat offense being discussed; Harold defends it by claiming both parties do it.  Two wrongs don’t make one right, stupid!  Otherwise, he wants to have more discussion or just spend more money. A full-blown leftist and he isn’t the worst.  They have sold their souls for the paycheck.  All of the token leftists on FOX are too ignorant or stupid for serious consideration.  Post Views: 4

The DOJ, Governors, Mayors and law officers swear an oath to uphold the constitution.   All the above are legally bound to defend citizen’s rights!  They must be held personally civil/criminal liable for violating their oath and citizen rights.  There should be thousand of law suites filed all across the United States.  The alleged covid emergency does not permit violating the constitution! Post Views: 44

I’m back. Got hacked. Post Views: 44

Before all actions of the Biden crime family and its admin. are ended, the guilty parties must be prosecuted, tried and convicted.  The RICO statutes apply without limitations! Post Views: 41

Republicans don’t have strategic long-term plans to win, they don’t stand together against leftists and many are inept, malfeasant or leftists themselves.   Post Views: 38

President Trump will require an acid test to prevent swamp Trojans from penetrating his new administration!  Post Views: 37

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