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Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

Much of what could be accomplish with republican control of Congress, will be rejected and annulled by Mitch McConnell.  RINOs supported by the RNC will also contribute to republican losses.

The more political races are won by democrats… the more Americans will suffer!  The more Marxists succeed, the longer is will take to re-establish our Constitutional Republic.

America can never regain its greatness until parents take back the education of their children from the Marxist unions.  The most simple and best way is to award vouchers to all K-12 students in America.

Harold Ford Jr (on FOX at 5) response to every case of democrat Marxism: “both sides do it”.  In other words, you can’t blame democrats because republicans do the same.  i.e., ‘two wrongs make a right’…how stupid!  First of all, it’s untrue, republicans are not half corrupt as democrats.  According to Harold, It’s OK the American Republic collapses into Marxism as long as both parties are involved?… how stupid!

It’s absolutely impossible to prove ‘voter fraud’ if the voters are UN-known before they vote.  NO seriously investigation was completed on voter fraud.  Democrats have taken voter fraud to a high art form.  Living in Illinois, where Chicago democrats vote early and often; backed up by cemetery voters, is common knowledge.

Howie Kurtz at FOX, other ‘never Trumpers’ and Trump haters declare out-of-hand that Jan. 6th was an insurrection with no objective proof or empirical evidence; only slanders from the Marxist media and Marxist democrats.  No two-year investigation like Bob Mueller’s was ever conducted.  Nobody used a gun; only one innocent demonstrator was killed by a guard; the only guards that died were by natural causes after Jan, 6th.  The fake news, lies, fraud and deception have been endless.

If women have the right to kill innocent babies for convenience’s sake alone, why don’t men have the right to kill innocent babies for convenience’s sake alone?  I hope this thought isn’t too deep for you.  No one is above the law (men or women), equal rights between men and women, sexual discrimination between men and women, equal application of the law between men and women. Taking (terminating) an innocent life is subject to investigation and criminal prosecution.

Question:  Does true science like E=mc2” change when you cross from one State to another State?  NO!  So why do rules controlling ‘covid’ change many times across the US?

Soverign Patriot  objective is to constantly help inform and educate fellow Americans with new PC… ‘ Prospective / Context’ and facts!

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