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Men in the Mirror, Stand Up against leftist education, RINOs, and swamp.

How to reclaim our Constitutional Republic.  For over 100 years veiled Marxists have covertly undermined our American system of government [death by thousands of cuts].  Therefore, our recovery will take thousands of bandages, many surgeries, prosecutions of domestic enemies for crimes against the state.  Current traitors inside the Pentagon, Intelligence, FBI, NSA, DOJ, IRS, CDC, FCC, Congress and the media must be exposed, arrested and prosecuted.  Primarily, fellow citizens must do their part creating many various nationwide coalitions.  Each focusing on remedying one specific variety of Marxist cancer.  i.e., leftist indoctrination inside government schools, student vouchers, school choice, males in female sports, parental rights, planned parenthood, abortion, Obama-care, realignment, new world order, George Soros, (D)Mobocracy v. Republic, teacher unions, NPR, PBS, climate change ‘narrative’ hoax, woke-ness, covid-19 abuse of arbitrary dictates lacking specific justification, Jan. 6th insurrection hoax, open borders, illegal alien invasion, gun control, de-funding police, systemic voter fraud without I.D. etc.  In the end, Americas’ victory will demand the same resolve by everyday citizens as a victory for Ukrainian requires.

Soverign Patriot  objective is to constantly help inform and educate fellow Americans with new PC… ‘ Prospective / Context’ and facts!

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